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‘TrapMystiQc’: revue de presse semaine du 7 Juin de l’An Zéro sur Terre!

These here are some test instrumental background tracks for radio that’s meant to be commentary. Bilingual commentary is what i’m up to! Analyzing the anal contemplations of our masters of the Empire of Chaos. So get ready to polish your french Trap style, and never forget that Québécois culture has wrapped it’s brain around the idea that we are ‘White Niggas of America’(SACHEZ QUE ICI NOUS CONDAMNONS SANS APPEL TOUTE LUTTE ARMÉE ET SOMMES DÉVOUÉS AU DÉSARMEMENT CONVENTIONNEL, CHIMIQUE, NUCLÉAIRE TOTAL DE TOUTE PERSONNE, GROUPE, OU GOUVERNEMENT TERRESTRE OU DE TOUTE COLONIE TERRIENNE NORS-PLANÈTE, OU DE TOUTE COLONIE TERRIENNNE INSTALLÉE SOUS LA SURFACE/ PLEASE KNOW THAT HERE WE CONDEMN THE USE OF FORCE, THE USE OF WEAPONS OF ANY KINDS, AND CONSIDER THE TITLE OF THE Jacques Vallières book metaphorically… but disagree on his philosophy and the actions or philosophical stance in the novel) on this corner of black dirt called Kanata, once long ago! Also keep factoring the idea that only the language difference itself creates a fence breaking device with the rest of the world.

We have traveled sufficiently to know that Russia is neither agressive and would never attack anyone or anything! Just consider the great patience that Russia and President Putin’s have and are showing while being defiled by the schoolyard bullies and their brain-dead spawns!

There is, thus, no subject MATTER, in my view, more key than the geopolitical reality of our times tied in with the spiritual awakening of the masses and the increasing nastiness of major shifts in the way life looks and feels around us at this time. Think about it, how quickly humans change, nearly instantaneously adapts to changes in their environment. How they pick up where they find themselves and rebuild rom scratch. Endlessly. The archeological layers underneath our very feet  are a fine example of this ongoing process at our feet, Pick a city, any city, start digging, you will find layers upon layers of past, such that on the surface of the planet, pretty much everywhere, no serious research explanation was ever attempted to even address these issues… No one knows diddly squatt, it seems!

We live in a world where open air prisons (The Gaza Strip) can fester with psychopathic regimes practicing genocidal tactics on civilians with the entire world today watching for decades upon decades and the regimespass as pretty much the ‘good guys’ of that neighborhood!

This holds true, as much for relations on an individual basis, as in the group experience called society, which is organised on the basis of something called the ‘gam,e theory’. As reasonable as that sounds, one has to believe it to see it in it’s full splendor: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/06/netanyahu-embattled-democracy Although some lines are blurring, it is becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between fiction and facts on the big blue marble, i kid you not! They’ve got me in a tailspin since they dont war to win openly anymore but to create chaos some more, endlessly!

Believe you me, if you hang on just a bit longer and are open to changes, depending on where you are situated geographically as it could start popping in a seemingly random fashion from place to place from one second to the next, coninciding with those war games we heard so much about, these Jade Helm games. What’s coming is beyong the government or the army’s skill set to handle however, this thing will throw everyone and everything off the deep end at some level. Large swathes are going to chose to erase themselves from the coming chaos. But that is only half the fun! Suffice it to say that it is all far too smart to be guessed, and far too aware of thinking patterns on our part to strike where we may expect it. Expect the unextected is all i can say!

HEAR THIS TAKE HEED AND HEAR IT WELL for this is the ONLY message, the only knowledge you will need to survive what you are meant to survive. Nobody should ever waste energy worrying about things that they cant physically, practically change, let it go……………. Eventually it will be as if never was… Like many things that have been, are, and will fall offff YOU! like losing your scales at last! Primarily the scales off your eyes, you will start to slowly SEE!

The NSA and FBI are in reality listening-in very nervously to detect when and where reality will go totally off kilter, like when poeple start taking the metro in Montréal and coming out in Tokyo. The morning when men will wake up – too great a number except for absolute instant news black-out – in female bodies. This and later that week maybe hundred of thousands of dead relatives will reappear somehow? Do you watch TV, movies, do you need anymore examples? i  disdain these

This is to start happening like a quickening of sorts, even though i never liked that word, i dont have a better one tonite. You have individually dreamt about this, most of you, the invisible school setting, sometimes surrounded by your familly or others, and it was all tied in to a silent black boomerang fleet surfing earthly skies. In one dream i was cruising inside the cockpit, while in another i would be piloting this thing?!

Here’s to hope you enjoy my music, and there are selected spoken word works in english, in the lot! Buckets of Love at you, friend and stranger: thank you for listening.

Yes of course the NSA snooping is about blackmailing everyone and anyone before the dollar bubble really bursts. Very powerful forces are at work and snap chunks off the old block of hegemony like soap stone: http://www.sott.net/article/297534-Gloves-coming-off-Russia-gets-serious-on-de-dollarizing Oups sorry! (Back to Shakespeare’s spear here, the post just slipped to my french neurones?! Okay! An individual needs accordingly to turn their thinking back to straight and see for what it is, the thrust at the end of their roll, the last push in the dark by these hopeless NATO drunks that we have been buying vodka by the truckloads in order to forestall the end run of these alcoholic that are on their final last big bender one puppet government at a time before natural detox hits them one superimposed drunken or morphined out moron at a time!

Today, we have massive destabilisation of Ukraine, and Macedonia, being set ablaze by outside influences and members of NATO states, distributing the kwazillions of counterfeit american dollars, printed in the basements propbably of their diplomatic missions, next to the amphetamine presses for the production of Captagon, as well as the final curing of tons of high grade heroine ready to be unleashed upon the target states! And those are only the first three dirty tricks that come to my mind when wiping my ass with hundred dollar bills of the antideluvian graphics, nobody wonders why such an advanced tribe would still use the ready to print mickey mouse operational logo of last millenia?

(Une personne doit revirer toute sa pensée à l’endroit et voire combien les pouvoirs de l’Ouest sont tellement au bout du rouleau que depuis vingt (20) nous abreuvons des alcooliques au jus de guerre en nos noms par imbécile interposé. Aujourd’hui il y a l’Ukraine, la Macédoine, et autres marioles telle la Pologne qui pour une poignée de dollars -presque probablement FAUX, ces dollars, soit dit en passant, que croyez-vous? La CIA a le meilleur système de forgerie de billets verts étalés ds les recoinsw les plus reculés. Pourquoi croyez-vous qu’il reste antédiluvien en design. Pour mieux se faire copier ben voyons!

Le gouvernement utilise la CIA pour une énorme manufacture de faux billets, faux bonds de fiducie etc à une échelle qui vous les sciera quand cela sortira. Car ça sortira, cette vérité-là et toutes les autres petites leçons de cupidité humaine vont sortir de sous les plaintes et autres blattes plates! Ahaha… On va rire tout à l’heure, restez rivés au réel qui est hautement plus performant que le cinéma et la télé, or qui dans le présent se complimentent à en saliver!


Pourquoi s’unir?/ Why unite?

 Quand deux entités, quelles qu’elles soient, et qui ont conscience qu’elles sont des êtres spirituels, choisissent de chercher ensemble, il y a création immédiate d’une sur-âme composée de leurs deux énergies incarnées reliées à leurs systèmes de guidance. Dans de nombreux cas se connectent aussi à ces entités et à leurs systèmes de guidance, les familles ou complexes mémoriels sociaux avec lesquels elles ont fait le voyage pour être au service de cette planète. Par conséquent, même une sur-âme de deux personnes seulement peut impliquer une énorme réunion de famille si vous considérez la structure qui a été créée par le dévouement à autrui, dans l’amour et le service, de deux êtres qui sont conscients de leur opportunité de choisir. (SUITE ici-bas)

When any two entities who are aware that they are spiritual beings choose to seek together, there is created immediately an oversoul made up of their two incarnate energies connected to their guidance systems. In many cases, also connected to the entities and their guidance systems are the families or social memory complexes with which they have traveled to be of service to this planet. Consequently, even a two-person oversoul may involve an enormous family gathering if you look at the structure that has been created by the dedication in love and service to others of two beings who are aware of their opportunity to choose.

English source:http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/2007/2007_0204.aspx

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Chaque entité est l’auteur de sa propre création

« Chaque entité est l’auteur de sa propre création. Il est vrai que certains points de référence sont communs à la plupart des créations des gens, notamment certaines données concernant la société et la culture dans lesquelles ils vivent. (SUITE ici-bas)

Yet each entity’s creation is his own. The biases that he encourages in his life become the biases of his world. Entities are people of great power. They are part of the godhead principle. All entities, even the elements, the animals, and all of nature, have this power. But they do not know that they have it. And consequently they use it effortlessly and without any impurity, being incapable of altering their nature and only capable of fulfilling it.

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